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The Philippines is Rich in Natural Resources…but

Educators and books used as reading materials about the Philippines have proven by actually showing where to find our natural resources, that this country has great wealth in terms of  environmental and providential manna from heaven. Filipinos will just have to ensure, maintain and protect the Ecological Balance and the normal cycle of the ecosystem so that its availability will be perpetual for human requirements.

When we speak of  “sustained development”, it usually refers to people participating in the effort to improve the quality of lives in many ways. One way is by having abundant food supply without exhausting the fisheries, land capabilities in producing needs, and without denuding forestry resources. If we use dynamite to catch a lot of fish supplies, we also kill the small fishes that have yet to grow and that should not yet be harvested. It also pollutes the waters. If we do not propagate more fish supplies through fishponds, fingerlings, and less pollution, such part of our natural wealth will certainly diminish ( as it did in recent years ) although the Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by bodies of water that many other countries do not enjoy.

A similar phenomenon involves the proper use of land. If farmers frequently apply chemical fertilizers just to be able to reap abundant harvest, the chemicals will poison the land and prevent future bountiful harvests. So now we hear of the need to promote organic farming because it has a natural way of enriching the soil with the necessary nutrients for the land to be called fertile. In contrast, a wrong way of maintaining the soil will turn it into DEAD soil. How does dead soil look like ? Some describe it as the opposite of “humus” or black and soft soil supposed to be inhabited possibly by thousands of  “species of fungi, bacteria, insects and protozoa essential to maintaining the balance of water and minerals that allow for plant life.” Dead soil looks hard, cracked during dry season, wherein even wild grass cannot easily survive. The absence of life on the soil makes it incapable of retaining water and maintaining ingredients for plants to survive.

Read more: Four Basic Principles of Ecosystem Sustainability | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6503664_four-basic-principles-ecosystem-sustainability.html#ixzz1EDDUGiW3

Filipinos also need to be aware about the value of our forests. It seems even the educated have forgotten how a tree holds excess rainwater flowing from the mountains down to the valleys. It also prevents landslides because the widespread roots hold the soil together. Nature has a way of helping each other. Mr. Land provides himself as the anchor of  Mrs. Trees when strong winds try to blow her off the face of the earth. In turn, Mrs. Trees protect Mr. Land from falling off the cliff when the waters push him down for a long time. Mr. Land says he is capable of maintaining many Mrs. Trees and actually needs them for his survival. His allies are the creatures that live on his property. But few animals get attracted to barren land. Sexy Mrs. Trees captivates them all — the birds, the bees, ruminants, human beings who love the fruits. Under those trees, we will discover abundant microscopic lives as well as apparently visible plants and animals.

Here comes the killjoy. He starts shooting down animals for food, entertainment, and business. So Mr. Land and Mrs. Trees try to send the snakes to eliminate the killjoys. In return, the innocent animals will deposit their fertilizers on the land; the bees and birds will disperse the seeds where they can possibly become useful or grow. More edible plants grow. More animals have adequate forage. Fresh air is produced by photosynthesis in the alliance of trees and plants with the Sun, while the leaves absorb the carbon dioxide every living animal exhales. Oxygen reaches the roots of crops with the help of earthworms that are the humblest of all tillers of soil. And when night comes, and you feel the cool air, more nitrogen circulates into the soil along with oxygen. Or when it rains, the absorbent soil can capture the needed nitrogen to make plants grow. Urea comes from urine of animals. Amonia comes from manure and decaying organic materials like dying leaves.

The compexity is fantastic but scientists have proven everything about the Ecological Balance and equilibrium to be certainly true !

We have to be aware of all these as human beings destined to be masters of the living creatures that crawl, fly, or walk. Yes we are even lords of the land, trees, plants, and waterways, fishes. Observe our limitations. We don’t control the seas, the oceans, the sun, space, other planets, and the stars. Our role is to improve the productivity of these manna from heaven. We ought to know how to properly utilize resources so that they will last for a very very long time.

The Philippines is blessed with so much resources ready for the Filipinos to live in harmony with them, secure with the aid of these resources, the means for the good life, without damaging or depleting what has long been our natural God-given means. We formed intitutions like the government, the church, and business enterprises to get organized with helping each other in the fulfilment of the right roles. Now we are in a better position to be wiser and more effective with managing our manna from heaven. We can regulate ourselves. If we endeavor to work with nature, let it be in harmony with nature, for the provision of  human needs for the common good.

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